Exterior latex water-dispersion paint


Exterior latex water-dispersion paint

5 kilograms
20 kilograms

Product description: Latex water-dispersion exterior paint
resistant against atmosphere precipitations. The product is
characterized by low water permeability and high elasticity,
good covering and long-lasting colour. It is environmentally
friendly and easy to use. Surface: Gypsum, cement and lime
plasters, also spackles. Concrete, facing brick, old faded
dispersing paints and wallpaper fit for painting. The surface to be
painted should be solid, clean, dry, able to absorb paint and
should not consist of substanceshindering adhesion. Uneven
(dusty) surfaces with high absorption should be processed
with ECOMIX priming materials 1-2 times. The newly plastered
surfaces should be painted only after drying process is over.
Use: Mix it well before use. Apply two layers. Dilution of the paint with
10% water is admissible for the first layer, apply the second layer
without dilution. The paint can be applied on the surface by brush,
paint roller or special tool. Do not use the paint if temperature of a
surface and/or air is less than +5°C.
Drying: In case if the temperature is +20°C,
a painted surface will dry within 4-6 hours; the next layer of the paint
should be applied only after 8 hours. Drying will take much time if
the temperature is less than +20°C and humidity is high.
Consumption: Approximately 190 mL/m2 for one
layer on a smooth surface with normal absorption, in case of a
coarse surface consumption will increase.
Safety measures: Keep away from children. Ventilation
is required during working process. Do not eat or drink when
using this product. In case of contact with skin or eye, wash it
carefully with water. The product must not leak in canalization, soil
and water reservoir. Wash the tools with soap and water immediately
after completing the works. Waste utilization:
Packing and material wastes can be utilized after drying as domestic
waste. Storage: Store it in tightly closed condition,
in a cool place, keep away from direct sunbeams and freeze, at no
less than +5°C - +35°C temperature. Guaranteed shelf life:
24 months after manufacturing in the sealed condition
Produced in Georgia:
I/N: 406056440
#16, Tvalchrelidze str., Tbilisi
Tel: +995597523030

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